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The Alphabet Kit
28 Page Basic Alphabet Book.
20 Page Phonics Book with short stories using Long and Short Vowel Sounds.
Letters and Phonics Work Book.
52 Picture Flash Cards with Capital and Lower Case Letters.
40 Phonics Flash Cards with 200 words using Consonant Digraphs, Vowel Digraphs, Initial Consonant Blends and Final Consonant Blends.
26 Pages of Letter Writing Practice.

The Alphabet Kit is a comprehensive kit appropriate for preschool through kindergarten. 

The Alphabet Book is a basic book of letters. It helps children identify capital and lowercase letters. Each letter is associated with a few objects. The book is in full color and is sure to hold your child's interest.

The Phonics Book is also in full color. It has ten short stories. Each story illustrates the use of one vowel sound (long and short sounds of vowels).

Each word that uses the vowel( short or long) is color coded in order to increase your child's grasp over vowel sounds.

The Work Book begins with exercises to enhance basic skills such as visual discrimination, classification of objects, opposites, concept of direction and other means of increasing reading readiness. Once the child has a grasp over the initial concepts, he or she can progress to phonics, which include beginning sounds and rhyming. Children are also introduced to a few, one or two letter sight words.

The 52 Alphabet Flash Cards are in capital and lowercase letters. Each card has a colorful object associated with it.

The Phonics Flash Cards include Consonant Digraphs, Vowel Digraphs, Initial Consonant Blends and Final Consonant Blends. There are a total of 40 cards and each card has five words associated with it, thereby introducing kids to about 200 words.

Parents can use the kit in several phases.

Phase 1: During toddler years and in preschool. The kit prepares children for basic reading, writing and helps them grasp the Alphabet.

Phase 2: Kindergarten readiness and kindergarten.

This includes beginning sounds, rhyming, phonics and later, identifying words.

Phase 3: Parents, you can use the flash cards to assist your child in blending letters to form words. You can walk your children through the Phonics book and assist them in reading the passages and identifying long and short vowels. All words in the Phonics book are color coded.

The Alphabet Kit is a new product and different from all other products in the market. It is meant for the overall development of your child. Your child will truly enjoy the process of learning.

This Complete Kit will help your child transition from preschool to kindergarten with ease.