I just recently received my own set of Galloping Minds' Alphabet and Phonics Flashcards, and I'm glad to say, I was pleasantly surprised. For a just price, buyers receive an unjustly good product. All of the cards are big - so they aren't too easy to lose. I'm not a parent, I actually picked these up for my baby brother, and so far, he's loved them. My baby brother's pretty artistic  for a guy his age, and for the most part, he tries his best to trace the images - which wasn't even why I picked them up, but the fun pictures have him continually enthralled.

Each letter comes with a number of words so the little guy gets to improve his phonics with a variety of examples, so even our mother is happy with the product.  Once we got past the letters of the Alphabet, there was some bonus cards, another pleasant surprise for me since I hadn't looked over the entire description of the purchase!

So when it comes to phonics, he's even getting to pick up on vowel diagraphs, all at a young age, all from a product that he enjoys using.

Mohammad Mufti (Seattle, WA) 

I wanted to thank you very much for the DVD's. .They are "phenomenal" my son acknowledges what he learns from them; he even tries to repeat the words when they come on.

The DVD's are very educational and he loves the dvd.he gets very excited when I put the DVD on. I love them too, they are great thank you . I will recommend the DVD's to everyone

I know. My son is doing great right now he is in remission. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo............................... much ;-)

Michelle Supoint & Reginal, Brooklyn, New York (Mother of a Cancer Patient)


Alphabet and Phonics video/DVD, Shapes and Colors, Numbers and Animals

This set of learning DVD's are some of the best I have seen. My one year old simply loves them! As parents we get to watch them over and over... as I watch them with my son, I see how he looks at me and learns from the content and then try's to share with us both his enthusiasm and what he is learning. Out in the world he is identifying things that he has learned and is a lot more interactive in trying to convey his thoughts. Great product!

S. M. Santos (Los Gatos California)

This DVD is a great instructional and educational tool. The letters of the alphabet are associated with many objects which help the younger kids to identify the letters. The older kids learn the sounds of the letters. This sets the stage for blending the sounds, phonics. They also learn the words and spelling of the words. My granddaughter dances to the music as she repeats the words, letters and sounds. She gets very excited when she sees the live animals.

Karen and Penny (US Virgin Islands)


Excellent DVD for children
I enjoyed the newest Alphabet DVD for children and so does my 2-year old son. He points at all the different items for each letter. I tried to teach him these things all along and now that I am working, I can be confident that he will continue to get taught and my husband just needs to play the DVD.
Linda Doodnauth, a working mother of 2 year old son,

The videos are bright, well documented and entertaining. My kids love them, especially 'Shapes and Colors'. I would recommend these videos as a great learning tool.

The Pompeiis from Colorado Springs, Colorado

My original intentions were for the dvd's to help my 3 year old daughter with her abc's and her shapes, but her attention span is short when it comes to one on one teaching. She does really well in her preschool environment. But...my 14 month old son really enjoyed them! I personally thought that the dvd's were very helpful, and I will continue to introduce them to my 3 year old.

Mrs. Lenoare Mitchell-Mays, California



Our three year old couldn't stop laughing and smiling during your Alphabets tape. The motion and special effects were particularly entertaining. We liked the opportunity to build vocabularly and exposure to spelling, set to music. The opportunity to learn 120 words while being entertained for 40 minutes should not be missed by visual learners, including those on the PDD/AST/autism spectrum.

Mom from Long Island.



I really appreciated the words being shown with the pictures, as my 2 1/2 year old is starting to read words and it helps reinforce this. And the tape is nice and long, about 45 minutes, so it gives you a nice break!

Amy Zimmerman, Mom from Crownsville, MD


I love the Galloping Minds 'Alphabets' DVD. I put the DVD in as soon as I recieved it in the mail, which was really fast shipping I might add. My son was glued to the tv and was even saying some of the words along with them. My son is 3 1/2 years old incase you were wondering. The point is I highly recommend buying the educational vhs's or dvd's from Galloping Minds, and I will be looking for more in the future as well. I give 5 stars rating.


                        Helena Hill, Mom from Easton, PA

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Grandkids love Baby Einstein and this sure measures up!


Great DVD & free shipping it doesn't get any better. Thanks




Kids are learning so much...such a great dvd


Item arrived in no time. Great communication. Very happy with purchase.A++++++


A+++ Quick Shipment!!! My baby loves the dvd!!! A+++


pleased with product!!


Fast shipment. Great DVDS. My son loves these. He is picking it it. Thanks

it really held my 3 1/2 yr olds interest.

Great flashcards for my Granddaughter! Thanks 

My 14 months old baby loves it! We bought the numbers, the alphabet and the shapes DVD's. She likes them all and you can tell she is really learning.

thanks, you are so nice and very fast shipping


quick to receive and in excellant condition thank you


Excellent Vids


Excellent material, fast shipping


thanks for the great dvds


You were right ! My son loves them. A+++ thanks for the quick turn around !!!


            Kids really are enjoying these dvds




lightning fast shipping and wonderful products, thanks so much


Great seller, awesome product, just as described.


great product, great deal, Thanks


Ridiculously *fast* shipping! Awesome dvd's. Thank you :)


thanks my baby loved the dvd fast shipping


Fast shipping, Great DVDS,, Will buy again..


Great DVD'S


Great DVD Set. Kids Love it.


My son loves the 'Alphabets' DVD. IT EVEN PUT HIM TO SLEEP!!


My child really likes the ABC's video.


Great videos, I would recommend them highly!!


It has been a BEAUTIFUL buying experience.

           Thanks for the videos! My daughter really likes them!!

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